XR Pilot Program

Reinventing the CRE Marketing Experience


Today’s commercial real estate lease marketing tools are inadequate for the market place. You need to deliver quality, white-glove experiences of your suites and properties – virtually.

What is Extended Reality (XR)?

XR is an emerging umbrella term for all immersive technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality and others still being created.

Are you a broker interested in the latest CRE software and marketing tools that really work for you and help close deals faster? Immersive 3D virtual reality tours are some of the most effective ways to give prospects a complete experience of your commercial listing – remotely and at their own pace.

In efforts to always stay ahead of the competition, EXPANSE is excited to offer an EXTENDED REALITY (XR) PILOT PROGRAM to select partners. The program includes access to a software development roadmap with the latest cutting-edge 3D virtual reality experiences.

Interested in joining the CRE marketing revolution? Want to get your hands on the latest experiential technology and be apart of the future of commercial real estate?

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