Digitize Your Details

Do you want to cut down on inefficiency in every step of the CRE lifecycle? The EXPANSE commercial real estate platform can be an invaluable tool for every professional involved form architects to brokers to tenants.

Up until recently, everything in building construction and commercial real estate was on paper. Now we’re able to more fully digitize information and at EXPANSE we’ve figured out a way to make the complex tasks much more simple.

For Architects

Building architects have unique challenges when they are called upon to design inviting, speculative spaces for a yet to be determined tenant. With EXPANSE, architects can market 2D and 3D virtual designs that can be experienced in an enhanced AR environment. This way they can forgo the cost of building spec spaces until the demand is real; eliminating unnecessary construction costs and boosting efficiency.

For Brokers

Using EXPANSE, brokers can show extensive information to prospects about the spaces they’re trying to lease. They can show the spaces in engaging ways like Matterport, 360 images, and flythrough videos.

For Contractors and Subcontractors

The digital media included in the EXPANSE platform can act as an onsite reference for contractors and subcontractors. The imagery can add clarity to the design and build process that all parties can access continually.

For Tenants

The EXPANSE platform makes the process from prospect to tenant much easier.  Once a prospect becomes a tenant, the imagery and data on EXPANSE can serve as a permanent archive of all critical project data including plans, finishes, etc.

For Everyone Involved

The saying is that the devil is in the details, but with the EXPANSE platform the details can help everyone in the CRE lifecycle thrive.  Full access to details in real time cuts back on inefficiencies and keeps all information accessible.

How to Get Started

There is so much our team can help with to remove inefficiencies and boost productivities. We couldn’t possibly mention them all here. Book a meeting with us today and let us tell you exactly how the EXPANSE platform can help with your unique business goals.