Commercial Real Estate Internet Marketing – Seeing Is Believing

The commercial real estate industry is being impacted by technology in more ways than ever.  You are probably aware of many of them, but are you leveraging the right technology in the most efficient and effective ways?

Being in the CRE industry for decades, our team has experienced it all. That’s why we developed EXPANSE: to put the right technology in your hands to solve problems and drive results.

If you don’t want to get left behind in this competitive climate, here are the top ways to leverage digital technology to help you meet your goals.

Dynamic Online Floor Plans

Before you get caught up in flashy new marketing, it’s still necessary to offer basics like floor plans. It’s important to have them online and consolidated in a platform like EXPANSE where you can quickly update them as changes occur.


Eye Catching Images

Static images can capture the essence of a space showcasing distinct ambiance, fixtures, finishes, and features you want to highlight. It’s an area where you can engage your client emotionally.

Interactive Map View

A map section will allow prospects to view the location of the property and details like parking the surrounding area. Prospects may fall more in love with a space if it’s close to fun food options, major client’s offices, or where many of their staff lives. On the EXPANSE platform, we connect directly to Google Maps so prospects can immediately search the surrounding areas for these things and  also check commute times.

Fully Immersive 360 Images

360 images allow prospects to see the full view of rooms. Seeing this can help build trust. They won’t have to  wonder if you are only showing them the most manicured sections.

High Production Value Flythrough Videos

This type of video lets prospects see different areas of the space. You can include a bit of production to highlight important details and selling points. Videos like this are great for social posts, email blasts, or sending directly to interested clients. They’re perfect balance of informative and creative.

Optimize Marketing For Work Spaces

Flythrough videos can help a prospect become emotionally invested in a work space. They not only can showcase offices and conference rooms, but breakrooms, hallways, and lobbies. When viewing, one can start to picture their typical work day in that new space.

Show Industrial Spaces  in a unique way

For industrial commercial real estate internet marketing you can showcase unique details like the large bay doors, wash bay, and truck access shown in this flythrough video.

Add Boutique-like Flair with A Lifestyle Video

This client even added some flare with a flythrough video. Additions like this can give some extra branding to your commercial real estate internet marketing.

Showcase Possibilities with Conceptual Designs

Another way to leverage technology in commercial real estate internet marketing is to showcase possible designs without having to fully build them out. At EXPANSE, we  offer conceptual floor plans, static images, 360 images, and 3D models so you can show plenty of important details long before something is fully built. Click here to see an interactive version.


Images of a Future Build-Out


Virtually Staged 360 Images

Fully Immersive Experience

Augmented reality is an exciting new way to market a commercial real estate space. The screen on a prospect’s phone can be a window into the space and they can tour it virtually long before they walk through the door. This captivating new touring method is making waves throughout the CRE market and is a great way to stand out.

If you’re interested in being a pioneer in this area, join our XR (Extended Reality) Pilot Program.  Click here for more information.

What To Do With All Of This Media?


You can leverage this technology in so many ways. We encourage our clients to upgrade their existing marketing sheets to include all the media they’ve collected on their space. Click here to get exclusive access to one of these sample marketing sheets to see what you could be showing your prospects.

Prospects can share marketing sheets like this to the decision makers they often will have to report to. Simplifying this reporting through a marketing sheet boosts your chances that the right people will see your space.

Now that you see the power of this technology, are you ready use it to boost your sales?